Tabletop.Land a multi-vendor marketplace. My wife (Veirta) & I are also vendors, but we aren’t the only ones & are always looking for more to join the family! Our commission is a low 10% with no hidden fees! Part of that commission includes payment processing so you don’t have to worry about it!

We are a curate multi-vendor marketplace. Which means we exist somewhere in between one of those large billion dollar companies & small individual shops. We offer a place for vendors to place their items with no up front fees & to a targeted audience. Tabletop.Land will handle all the advertising & coordination to bring people to the site. All you, as a vendor, need to do is make, list, & ship your products!

To sign up: Simply head over to & create an account. From there, we will send you a Independent Contractor contract & W-9 form through the secure service DocuSign

Alternatively, feel free to hop into our Discord server & say hi!

But what does it mean to be a vendor?

Being a vendor on Tabletop.Land means you will have access to our vendor portal, where you will be able to list your items yourself. You will be able to control quantity, variations, tags, categorizations, & even setting sales!

All products will need to be approved, but as long as they fit our niche & fit our style, then we should approve them within a day or two maximum  after listing, but usually much sooner.

As a vendor, you will be responsible for:

  • Writing listings for your products
  • Taking photos of your products
  • Creating your own Refund Policy.
  • Weighing & noting any special shipping requirements for your products. We need the ship weight of every item, not the item weight. This includes packaging.
  • Printing Shipping Labels that we send you
  • Ensure you package & ship items in a way that they will arrive at their destination in good quality.

I will go into more detail on some of this below.

We will reserve the right to remove any vendor for any reason we see fit, but since we are a small business, we will try to work with you first. You as a vendor will be a brand & Tabeltop.Land is a brand. Both should always be reliable & respectable! 

Listing Items

In order to list an item on Tabletop.Land you will need:

  • Photos
  • The Item (we currently do not offer pure commissions)
  • The shipping weight of the item
  • Rough dimensions of the item. (don’t worry about girth)

If you don’t own a scale, then you will need to purchase one. We recommend these, but any postal scale should work for most objects.

// TODO Check out our video on how to use the vendor portal.

Orders and Shipping

When you receive an order, you would receive an automatic email from the vendor portal. Shortly after, we will send you the shipping label that will be prepaid. Shipping labels are generated by the system & the customers will be paying for shipping per individual vendor. As a vendor, you will receive a link with where you can print it out in a variety of formats. Vierta & I use a normal Laser printer with shipping label paper, if you don’t have any other way to print you can get a shipping label printer fairly cheaply.

Here are a couple recommendations:

Package materials, boxes, & anything else is provided by the vendor. Be sure to package your products so they don’t break!

Some breakages will happen from time to time. We encourage you to work with your customer on this on a per item basis.

Should you misweigh or misjudge the size of a product & it turns out to cost much more to ship, then that is something individual vendors are responsible for. We at Tabletop.Land will try to work with you & help if we can, but ultimately this is in the vendor’s hands.

Shipping calculations

Shipping will be calculated on the combined weight the customer purchases, per vendor. This means we expect items to be packaged together to save the customer money. However, should an item need special shipping, then be sure to include this in the “Notes to Admins” section of the vendor portal.

All prices will be calculated at a flat rate based on the item’s weight & dimensions shipping to Zone 8. Here is a neat little interactive map by PirateShip. We mostly use USPS since we are United States only, this is usually the cheaper option. Again if you’d like another service, be sure to explicitly state this when you sign up, email us, or in the product notes.

In order to provide shipping & help where we can, any extra is kept by Tabletop.Land. It’s usually only a few cents, so it’s not a lot, but this will help us provide a buffer for those who mess up. This money does not come out of the product or the vendor’s commission & is paid by the customer

Currently we are only shipping to the US. But will hopefully move into Canada soon.

Shipping speed

If you, the vendor, are making made-to-order items, such as painting or printing. Then this needs to be explicitly stated in the product’s description & your policy. If there is no time frame stated in the description, we expect items to be shipped within 7 days of receiving the shipping label.

We do have the ability for vendors to go on vacation! This will temporarily disable your products as well as show up on your vendor profile.

Getting paid

All shipping will have a tracking code. We will pay commissions within 3 days of the item’s delivery.

Currently, we are only supporting PayPal for payouts, but we will look at other solutions as we grow.

3D Printed and Intellectual Property Policy

If your shop is offering 3D Printed items that are not sculpted by the vendor, then we will require the vendor to send proof of a vendor license to sell those products. Usually this is just a matter of forwarding the Patreon receipt, which shows no sensitive information.

We reserve the right to temporarily, or otherwise, disable products until we can be sure no IP infringements are occurring.

Closing words

We hope this cleared up any questions you have, but if you have more feel free to email us at or join our Discord server.

Happy gaming & crafting!

November 04, 2021 — Matt Burnett