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Welcome to Chisel and Foam! My name is Jesse and this is my artistic outlet. I stumbled upon this hobby of creating buildings and other objects out of foam quite by accident. For years, I had searched for “my thing” and I have finally found it.

I’ve never been as interested in playing Dungeons and Dragons, but finding this aspect of the hobby has been huge for me, creatively. Making old world/fantasy buildings allows me to relish in my love for the time period, exercise my design muscles, feeds the need to create with my hands, and paint!

I hope you enjoy my gallery and do not hesitate to reach out with questions! This is a great hobby for those that are interested and I highly encourage giving it a try. The crafting community around tabletop gaming is a tight-knit and supportive community that fosters creativity.

Thank you for your visit! Please follow me on my social connections to stay up to date on any current and future projects!

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Chisel and Foam - Round Table
Chisel and Foam - Ship Battle
Chisel and Foam - Crystal
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