Foam Lumber - 1cm x 12cm x 0.3cm

$8.00 $12.00

Unpainted XPS Insulation Foam Lumber

Each piece is pre-scoured with a wire brush to create a wood-grain texture. Ever piece is mostly straight, but no guarantee that every one will be perfect.

Item is sold by weight, because counting these out is hard. Every 0.5oz represents between 100 and 120 individual pieces.

* Pictures are of a stack of 0.5oz

Individual Dimensions:

Width: 1cm or 3/8”

Length: 12cm or 4 3/4”

Depth: 3mm or 1/8”


  • build your own
  • textured
  • unfinished
  • xps foam
  • wood
  • partial terrain

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