Handmade Brown Pudding Monster Figures (Set of 7) for RPG's

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"Now, that outa do it!" you think as your great sword falls and neatly severs the slimy creature before you in half.  It quivers and reforms. You now face two slightly smaller, but equally revolting,  pulsing enemies.  "Awe, Crap!" you exclaim...
For Sale - A Set of 7 Monster Figures.
The set includes 1 large (1-1/2" base), 2 medium (1-1/4" base), and 4 small (1" base), scaled for 28mm figures.
Since Jellies, Oozes, and Puddings divide as they are damaged, this set gives you options for your tabletop encounters.
Please check out my other listings for different varieties of these slimy denizens. 
Please consider the photos as part of the description.
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  • fantasy
  • creature
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