Grick Worm



A worm-like monster with tentacles coming from his beak found deep within caverns.

Approx. 35mm tall.

Pictured: Unprimed

Primed Variants: Primed variants will use Army Painter Spray Primer in the color of your choice

Model by: mz4250

This model will be print to order, so please allow for a little additional time.

Resin printed using 25% Siraya Tech Tenacious and 75% Elegoo Standard Grey.

The Siraya Tech Tenacious is more expensive, but it adds a considerable level of durability & flexibility to the miniature and the standard grey gives us the details we needs. It is very much worth it.


  • cave
  • desert
  • fantasy
  • resin
  • primed
  • unpainted
  • creature

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