Mushroom King - Myconid


Mushroom King

The shininess is from the lights I used in the photography, the model is primed with flat Army Painter grey.

This Mushroom King is technically from the Myconid Race, but can play anywhere in any game where this bad ass fits! It could easily serve as an alien species or something your party runs into in the wilderness.

If you’re going by the lore, the Myconid are one of the few peaceful races you’ll find in the underdark. Despite this figure’s imposing look, it is simply the ruler of the Myconid, called The Sovereign & is old enough that their body starts decaying & growing new mushrooms.

This is personally my favorite model, period. I just love this thing.

In order to keep the quality, this model will only come primed. This is because it is printed in pieces and I use green stuff to clean that up. I can send the base and the model separately.

Approx. 11cm or 4.25” tall with base. 

The tree is approx 10cm or 4” long. 

Pictured: Primed Grey

Primed Variants: Primed variants will use Army Painter Spray Primer in the color of your choice

Model by: Lord of the Print specifically this model.

This model will be print to order, so please allow for a little additional time.

Resin printed using 25% Siraya Tech Tenacious and 75% Elegoo Standard Grey.

The Siraya Tech Tenacious is more expensive, but it adds a considerable level of durability & flexibility to the miniature and the standard grey gives us the details we needs. It is very much worth it.


  • cave
  • forest
  • fantasy
  • scifi
  • resin
  • primed
  • myconid
  • creature

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