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Fungal Folk

Fungal Folk

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Fungal Folk

Introducing Fungal Folk! The original 3D resin printed miniature, sculpted by Rocket Pig Games, makes them perfect for your favorite tabletop RPG - and they look great, too! Let these wacky fungal creatures, myconids, liven up your Underdark games with their darkly quirky charm. Add a little life - if you can call it that - to the darkness and bring your NPCs to life!

Approx. Figure Size
  • 42mm / 2in tall
  • 32mm / 1.25in diameter
  • Approx 8oz shipping weight

Product Information

Image shown is an actual print, primed black with a white dry-brush to better show the details of the print. This is not the default option, but is available for purchase.


3D Printed as a single piece on an Anycubic Photon Mono X 6k, printed in Siraya Tech Fast ABS-Like Navy Grey

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