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Weathered Bricks - Semi-irregular XPS Foam

Weathered Bricks - Semi-irregular XPS Foam

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Unpainted XPS Insulation Weathered Foam Bricks

Create the perfect miniature building with our Weathered Bricks - Semi-irregular XPS Foam! Amaze yourself and others with its preweathered and unpainted state, allowing for a more realistic and textured look. 

Item is sold by weight.
Pictures are of a stack of 10g.

Individual Dimensions:
  • Width/Depth: 1cm or 3/8”
  • Length: 2.5cm or 3/32”

XPS Insulation Foam, otherwise known as the brand name FOAMULAR®, is a safe material used in houses and other buildings. You can find it at most big box stores such as Home Depot. XPS simply means extruded polystyrene, otherwise known as simply styrofoam. Essentially, XPS Insulation foam is a dense type of common styrofoam. EXCEPT IT’S PINK!

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