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Maw Scorpion

Maw Scorpion

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Maw Scorpion

Experience the fierce power of the Maw Scorpion with this 3D resin printed miniature! Crafted by Rocket Pig Games, this small but mighty monster is the perfect NPC for your favorite tabletop RPG battle. Boasting an intimidating spiked tail instead of a stinger, a mouth full of horrific teeth, and armored from head to tail, this menacing beast is sure to heat up any game. Dare to face the challenge of the Maw Scorpion?

Approx. Figure Size
  • 52 mm / 2 in tall
  • 43 mm / 1.75 in diameter
  • Approx 8oz shipping weight

Product Information

Image shown is an actual print, primed black with a white dry-brush to better show the details of the print. This is not the default option, but is available for purchase.


3D Printed as a single piece on an Anycubic Photon Mono X 6k, printed in Siraya Tech Fast ABS-Like Navy Grey

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