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Chisel & Foam

The Haunted Chapel

The Haunted Chapel

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The Haunted Chapel - Tabletop RPG Building 28mm scale

This sinister chapel is ripe to be the focal point of your next tabletop campaign! Constructed with cardboard and foam, this building is dripping with detail and character. This item is handmade, hand sculpted, and meticulously hand painted. The cardboard substructure and the compound spread over the brick gives this piece a solid feel. This item is ready to be placed on your mantle for display or put onto the gaming table for adventures!

Approx. Size
  • 5.5" wide by 5.5" long
  • 5" tall
  • Approx 40oz shipping weight
Product Information

This item is currently on display at a local bookstore for sale. In the event this item would sell locally but I haven't taken down the listing in time, a refund would be issued.

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